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Peyton Allen Talks Texas A&M Verbal

Chatham Glenwood senior and Southwest Jets shooting guard Peyton Allen has had quite a ride over the last year.  He was one of the top wings in the 2014 class in Illinois as a junior and was playing awesome basketball.  Midway through his junior season he got very sick and was in the hospital for a significant amount of time.

He played on the circuit this past spring and summer, but you could tell he wasn’t all the way back to where he was before physically.  Allen set out to make a statement at the Tournament of Champions in Washington, Illinois to start his senior season.  I’m Back!  He put up 30+ points against several out of state teams.  It wasn’t just the points, it was how good he looked doing it.

As a senior Allen is stronger and significantly more athletic than any time in his career.  He is getting anywhere he wants on the floor and his shot is going in from every spot.  Allen is a plus shooter from three both pulling up and in the catch and shoot.  He is great moving away from the ball to get open coming off screens.

His ability to put the ball on the deck to set up his shot or drive all the way to the hoop has greatly improved.  Allen’s ability as a passer for a wing is above average and he has a good feel for when to score and when to get his teammates involved.  As the winter has progressed Allen has continued to play at a high level.  His recruitment picked up considerably receiving offers from Butler, Nevada, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and more.  Allen was one of the best unsigned seniors not only in Illinois, but nationally.

After taking a visit to Texas A & M earlier in the month he knew that was where he wanted to be.  Thursday night Allen committed to the Aggies.  He told us why they were his choice.

“I felt like everything was right.  The coaching staff I fell in love with.  They treat me nice and treat my family nice.  I felt like I have an opportunity to play.  The campus and facilities are nice.  The teammates were great.  I am excited!”

How did the commitment process go down?

“Ever since my visit there I felt it was right and I wanted to go there.  It kept clicking every day I wanted to go there more and more.  I thought I might as well get it over with and be an Aggie.  I bonded with the coaching staff and players.  It felt like the right fit.”

Allen spoke about his relationship with the coaching staff at Texas A & M.

“I feel like Texas A & M wanted me the most.  They were on it from day one.  They wanted me and feel I am a good fit in their system.  I can do everything for them to help them win.  They are great people more than just basketball coaches.  They really made me convinced.”

The Southwest Jets star discussed how he will fit into their system.

“They said I can be a scorer and shooter.  They need me to come in right away and contribute.  I feel that is one of the reasons I committed.  I can go in and contribute right away, help them succeed, and win some games in the SEC.”

How crazy has this whole last year been?

“It has been absolutely insane.  I am extremely blessed to be in this situation.  It feels awesome being here with my life being threatened last year.  I realized that I am extremely lucky and it feels great I can play basketball at one of the top programs in the country.  It couldn’t be a better feeling right now.”