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Week 1: 9/10 Full Package League

Here is a recap of Week 1 of the 9th/10th Full Package Athletics Fall Exposure League.  2016 prospect Lorenzo Edwards was highly impressive in leading his team to a big win.

Nuggets (79) Knicks (22)

25 points by Lorenzo Edwards assisted the Nuggets in their win.  The Knicks were led by Eric Charman with 8.

Grizzlies (44) Nets (57)

Kyle Rohr registered a 14 point effort for the Grizzlies while Mike Parsky added 11, but a strong team effort by the Nets with 12 points from Fletcher Neville and 10 from Luke Kangas sealed their victory.

Suns (56) Bobcats (44)

Ian Down led the Bobcats with 10 points. However, Zach Fleisher's 16 points highlighted the Suns win.

Hawks (46) 76ers (52)

A game high 17 point performance by Brandon Keller of the Hawks was not enough to beat the 76ers, who were led by Brandon Rule's 13 points.

Celtics (64) Lakers (19)

An 18 point performance by Joseph Sieger of the Celtics was nearly matched by teammate Elyjiah Goss' 16 in a win. Joey Conte led the Lakers with 6.

Bulls (43) Jazz (49)

Brian Koltin led the Bulls with 12 points.  But leading scorer Ray Siewert of the Jazz tallied 16 points to go with Charlie Koloms 14 for the win.

T-Wolves (62) Spurs (44)

Marcus Wright led all scorers with 13 points for the T-Wolves in a balanced effort.  The Spurs' Jack Van Hyfte put in 11.

Heat (70) Blazers (26)

In a big win for the Heat, Matt Giannakopoulos netted 18 points followed by Josh Kanner's 14 and George Atvantis 13.  Ben Goldman and Colton Horn each had 7 for the Blazers.